Last day in physics

August 31, 2005

Today is my last day as the physics department’s sr. systems administrator. I’ve got a pile of things to finish before I go but I think I can get them done. I’ve been here for 6 years and it’s kinda crazy to think about where I was when I started there and where I am now. It’s not even remotely the same world.

To everyone in Physics, Thank you for the last 6 years. In so many ways this job has changed who I am and made me have to become a lot more than I was.

I’m going away for a month of R and R, as well as fulfilling some friend duties to two of my closest friends now that they’re finally getting married. I’ll be checking email off and on but probably not in any serious way after the 8th or 9th of September. Then I’ll be back and alive after the 25th or so. I start the new job on October 3rd.

If for any reason the world gets set on fire and someone needs me, various people know how to get in touch with me. For email purposes my gmail account will probably get checked more than any of my duke accounts. If you can’t figure out my gmail address on your own then you probably don’t need to be emailing me. 🙂

As is my practice, I have acquired a cold right before going on vacation. So I’ll be sniffling and suffering my way through the next couple of days and hopefully will find myself healthy and clearheaded off in chattanooga this weekend.

someone wish me luck in all my adventures in this next month. I’m gonna need it.


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