life, but not as we knew it

October 26, 2005


I’ve ridden my bike to work for 13 of the last 17 work days. Not too shabby. Most immediate benefits have been the normal ‘getting a little exercise’ and the not having to pay for gas. With the temperature dropping it’s made it quite tolerable to ride to work in normal clothing, too.

I went to the dentist, found out I was in store for some expensive and painful work. Two days ago I got some fillings, no big deal. Today I had gum surgery. That was fun. I got some skin sliced off the top of my mouth and grafted onto the gum in the front. It was to deal with a cleft developing above one of my canines. So much fun I can hardly stand it. I hate my teeth.

Right now I’m sitting in the den with a plastic guard in my mouth covering up the wounds. The girl has been nice to me though.

Oh, and my paper/talk was accepted at LCA – so I’m going to New Zealand in January. Pretty excited about this. First time to another hemisphere – let alone TWO other hemispheres. šŸ™‚


Work has mostly been me recreating a lot of infrastructure I had before and figuring out how to start making all new things a little more sane/consistent/etc. It’s not going badly but there’s just so much stuff to clean up. That’s sorta why I’m targeting all the new systems. So we have a place to start from and can clean up some of the older things as I go along. Still, a lot to do, though once we get the infrastructure base in place, making the changes to get it more manageable shouldn’t be all that much heavy lifting. Just a lot of tediousness.


Had a hard time getting back into the swing of things with yum in the last few weeks. Finally got some of the groups code in place so it is worth two craps. This helps. I know the list of other things I need to do, too. We probably need to think about a 2.5.0 release for the devel series b/c:

1. FC5-test1 is coming and it’d be good to get our broken shit in there.

2. anaconda will need some more changes, I’m sure.

3. it’s a good idea to go ahead and do it.

Watch this space – maybe even more things soon.


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