scary biking incident

January 10, 2006

In a general way today was a good day. I woke up reasonably on time and not feeling crappy. I got out of the house, and over to the office in a reasonable time. All looked good. It was beautiful outside today. It ended up being about 67F here today which is unreal for January but at this point completely welcomed.

Work was productive. Chewed through some old crap that I think has ultimately been bogging us down and is more or less a necessary fix if only for the ‘broken windows’ perspective of things.

Rode out to lunch at wellspring and the weather was, again, wonderful. More work after lunch, etc etc. All in all a good day.

Then I go to ride home. Beginning of the ride was good and then I make the critical mistake. I think to myself “Wow, today was pretty good.” Now, seeing as who I am I immediately say “damn it, now I wonder what the hell is going to happen?”

No sooner did I come to the conclusion that something bad was going to happen than my foot slips a bit off my right pedal and I move it back a bit too far to get it back on and kick my right pannier. It pops up enough for the clasp to come free of the rack and falls. I hear it and feel it and slow down. This, of course, is the bag with my laptop in it.

Two lucky things held out, though:

1. the bungie cord holding it onto the bottom of the rack didn’t give out so the bag dangled from there rather than just thudding on the ground. It bounced on the top two corners for on the street though.

2. my laptop was in my sleevecase from sfbags and that was in my tom bihn large cafe bag inside the pannier. I need to remember to send these people a nice note..

I get home expecting the absolute worst given how the bag bounced. I open the laptop, it unsuspends and seems normal. I do some finds across my homedir to listen for the disk suddenly wedging. Nothing wrong. I immediately rsync my homedir to my desktop and head out to the grocery store. I’m typing this entry on the laptop that bounced now.

I think tomorrow I’ll spend some time figuring out a better way to secure the panniers to the bike and maybe put the toe clips back on to the new pedals.

Given the other possible outcomes from today’s little adventure; I probably made out pretty well. Then again something like this has happened before. Notably I thought of the day as good then, too.



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