one more comment about riding my bike

February 24, 2006

I was riding up to elmo’s the other day for lunch and while I was locking up my bike there was a guy going in who gave me a look which seemed to convey “Damn, Hippie”. It made me giggle a bit b/c I kinda wished he would have said something b/c it was the one time in my life that I had the perfect comeback for a remark like that. I wanted to say “But I’m just protecting our country from terrorists and doing like the president asked us all, to conserve oil. Our patriotic duty! You don’t like terrorists, do you?”

Alas, he didn’t say anything and he probably didn’t give a crap about me anyway – but there was a brief dirty look and I was so excited that I had actually come up with something snappy to say at the time that it could have happened that I felt I needed to share that with someone. It’s painful to not be able to zip off the zingers like other folks. 🙂


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