quasi productive week

February 24, 2006

So I made up some todo lists and some personal prioritizations and was able to chew through some of them this week.

– yum release

– yum-utils release

– seahorse package updated in extras

– yum-utils package updated in extras

– checked out new openafs pkgs

– lots of misc things for work

– learned how to use python generators

– hacked on a little yum code which needed doing

– looked again at doing things to make mock happier

– deleted an enormous amount of email πŸ™‚

– closed old bugs

All in all feeling pretty good about some of the items on my [s]hit list. I’ve also been reading bicycle maintenance guides if only to learn how to diagnose any funky things that could go wrong with my bike. However, it’s still quite new and the bike shop provides good service for it since I got it there and the bike shop is on the way home from work so my incentive to learn all that much is lessened by the convenience and expertise they already have. πŸ™‚

I think the girl and I are planning on riding our bikes around for a while this weekend and I’d like to look at getting some shorts a bit better suited to sitting on the bike seat for an hour or more. She got a new computer for measuring speeds and distances and I’m kinda interested in playing with it to see if maybe I want to get one too.

Starting working on some new things/ideas in yum and other programs. I think I want to spend some time playing with some new module in python but I’m not sure what, yet. Just something new to get excited about. Email me if you have suggestions.


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