more on commuting

April 2, 2006

Today I had more errands to run and the girl and I wanted to do _something_ together. So, off to elmos, then to food lion to return some green beans (btw, 10 cans of green beans in your panniers is a quite capable theft deterrent). Then over to east campus and down campus drive to the duke gardens where we wandered around a bit. Back home, then I took off by myself to pet smart and kroger (to return the collar that didn’t work and to get the correct cans of green beans). Then off to Great Outdoor Provisioning to pick up a couple pair of boxers and a tshirt.

Finally back home for a respite. I think I’m in for the day, though.

Eunice totaled 6.5 miles today. I totaled 10.4 miles today.

You can see our travels at gmaps-pedometer

Now to handle a bunch of fedora administrivia I’ve been avoiding for a couple of days.


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