Watching some ultimately crappy movies tonight and two thoughts bubbled up into the forefront of my brain:

1. who are the people who are impacted by product placement in movies who do not find them disgusting? Maybe this should be ‘why are there people…”

2. Why is “it’s just business” used as an absolution for any act of moral repugnance? Why is it you’re allowed to kill, maim, deceive and torture as long as it is “business”? How does business think it can escape from ethical responsibility? (on a side note I hope the skilling and lay get sentenced to live out their terms in a supermax prison. Better yet, being forced to work multiple minimum wage jobs with no insurance and no pension would be a punishment more fitting of their crimes and it couldn’t be considered cruel or unusual punishment b/c well over 50 million americans and billions of others around the world live their lives under those conditions.)

My contempt of corporate behavior and of the millions of sleepwalkers who allow them to continue this behavior is showing a bit, I think.


May 24, 2006

If you have a patch for mock, yum or yum-utils that you are waiting on me to do something about I will be doing nothing but doing patch stuff tomorrow.

thanks 🙂

more bike silliness

May 22, 2006

Did some more looking/trying bikes today. Tested out a Novara Fusion over at REI. It is what novara is putting up against the breezer uptown and the like. Suffice it to say it is not much competition. Way too stretched out for an easy commuter/utility ride and feels kinda oddly put together. I wasn’t impressed and neither was the girl. Then over to the clean machine to look at their cannondale touring bikes, too. No joy in something my size but hope springs eternal that I will, one day, be able to try out something similar to my size/shape in a bike I want. I hope to email frank at frank’s cyclery this week and go back down there to check out the san jose. Still debating the internal hub for me, though. It’s a hard call between that and the 9 speed castro valley The volpe is also nice but I just don’t have a need for 27 speeds for most things I do.

Xtracycle fun:

So as part of a discussion with the girl she said that she’d get us an xtracycle free radical kit if I agreed to ride around on the front w/her on the back of it. 🙂 We’ll see how safe that ends up being but I’m game to try it out and at the very least make trips to the farmer’s market and the grocery store much easier and trips down ninth street should attract some interesting looks. Given how close a lot of people live to a lot of things around here (especially near downtown) it would make sense for more folks to ride a bike to work/errands/etc rather than driving.

So, hopefully in a couple of weeks I’ll have my new rear wheel with the xtracycle kit added onto it and be the coolest of the cool. 🙂

work and fedora, etc

May 22, 2006


Friday was, umm, pain. I was building all of the perl modules using mostly fedora extras for centos4 in order to get bugzilla installed. A total of 64 perl modules built (including the ones I needed to build the ones I needed to install). Mock made life easier but still, ugh, pain, suffering, etc, etc. At one point I thought I might have slipped into a separate hell dimension populated completely by perl modules. However, bugzilla is now installed I just need to port the database over and migrate the apache information and we will be off of the old machine for the linux@duke bugzilla instance.

Lots of projects for this summer:

– tsm on linux

– afs update to linux-based servers

– more webhosting work than we can shake a stick at.

– still more system audits!


Wow, lots of things happening this week and the one before. Patches from all over the place and some nifty speedups and enhancements. Some of them have already been merged some of them are waiting in my inbox for me to sit down and go over them to look for zaniness. Others should probably be committed by other people (hint, hint) and some others just need to get added to the magical corporate CLA (hint, hint, again)


The most exciting thing in yum news for the past couple of weeks is the C-based metadata parser written by Tambet Ingo. It’s exposed as a python module and all it does it take the xml metadata and dump it directly to the sqlite dbs that yum uses. It’s a fairly massive speedup and nicest of anything it fits in to the yum code so that if it is there, you can use it, and if it is not there, you can still use yum w/o breaking anything. Very nice work. It’s not quite integrated into yum, completely. But look for it in the next couple of weeks where we’ll hopefully have something that’s immediately testable in fedora and other distros.


Fedora Board meeting this last week. Matthew Szulik was in attendance and helped us understand where he thought red hat was vis-a-vis fedora. Short version is pretty positive: Do good things and red hat will help fedora do even more good things. Longer version included some pushes for us to focus on larger-scale items. To think about how fedora can impact people world-wide and not just in our own little corner. Some emphasis on making sure we encourage fedora adoption and help new contributors in china, india and brazil as well as the places where linux adoption is more common: europe and north america.

Today we got up, had a nice ride over to Wallace Wade stadium for the dog walk for the durham aps. Very pleasant on the way over and we got to see the looks of derision from the people trying, painfully, to find parking while we coasted over to the fence and locked up our bikes. This was good and happy. We spent 4 hours at the spokesdog booth taking pictures and playing with the dogs. Also good.

Then home and in the car (ugh) to frank’s cyclery in raleigh. Frank’s store was pretty nice but alas the bike I wanted to try out wasn’t finished being built yet so no joy for me. The point of this trip was to try out a bianchi san jose for me to see if I wanted to make a san jos8 out of one. So, never diminished Eunice finds a paper with some other bike shops in the area in it. Since we’re down here we might as well check them out. We end up heading over to the spin cycle to check out the breezers they have. Not so much for me but because Eunice wanted to see them and try them out. Off we go to the world of Cary.

The spin cycle is a good looking shop, lots of bikes, a ton of people in there, too. Nothing I was excited about overly much but the breezers are a damned good looking and COMPLETE utility bike. So we find a couple for Eunice to try out. She loved them, LOVED them. Smoother than her fuji and the internal geared hub was divinely smooth and easy to shift compared to her current configuration. I even gave one a whirl and I must admit the bigger tires really do smooth out the ride. Quiet and very schnazzy looking.

So, of course, she’s hooked at this point. Loves the bike but not quite sure if the diamond frame is right for her. So we’ll be calling them back about getting a U-frame in the uptown 8 for her to try out. If it looks good and feels good then I think she’ll be getting it to replace her fuji.

So this is what the curse is. Routinely we would go out to find stuff for me and we would abjectly fail to do so but she would fine something PERFECT for her. I give you the example of shoes, shorts, cameras and now, bicycles.