more bike silliness

May 22, 2006

Did some more looking/trying bikes today. Tested out a Novara Fusion over at REI. It is what novara is putting up against the breezer uptown and the like. Suffice it to say it is not much competition. Way too stretched out for an easy commuter/utility ride and feels kinda oddly put together. I wasn’t impressed and neither was the girl. Then over to the clean machine to look at their cannondale touring bikes, too. No joy in something my size but hope springs eternal that I will, one day, be able to try out something similar to my size/shape in a bike I want. I hope to email frank at frank’s cyclery this week and go back down there to check out the san jose. Still debating the internal hub for me, though. It’s a hard call between that and the 9 speed castro valley The volpe is also nice but I just don’t have a need for 27 speeds for most things I do.

Xtracycle fun:

So as part of a discussion with the girl she said that she’d get us an xtracycle free radical kit if I agreed to ride around on the front w/her on the back of it. 🙂 We’ll see how safe that ends up being but I’m game to try it out and at the very least make trips to the farmer’s market and the grocery store much easier and trips down ninth street should attract some interesting looks. Given how close a lot of people live to a lot of things around here (especially near downtown) it would make sense for more folks to ride a bike to work/errands/etc rather than driving.

So, hopefully in a couple of weeks I’ll have my new rear wheel with the xtracycle kit added onto it and be the coolest of the cool. 🙂


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