thoughts while watching some crappy movies

May 27, 2006

Watching some ultimately crappy movies tonight and two thoughts bubbled up into the forefront of my brain:

1. who are the people who are impacted by product placement in movies who do not find them disgusting? Maybe this should be ‘why are there people…”

2. Why is “it’s just business” used as an absolution for any act of moral repugnance? Why is it you’re allowed to kill, maim, deceive and torture as long as it is “business”? How does business think it can escape from ethical responsibility? (on a side note I hope the skilling and lay get sentenced to live out their terms in a supermax prison. Better yet, being forced to work multiple minimum wage jobs with no insurance and no pension would be a punishment more fitting of their crimes and it couldn’t be considered cruel or unusual punishment b/c well over 50 million americans and billions of others around the world live their lives under those conditions.)

My contempt of corporate behavior and of the millions of sleepwalkers who allow them to continue this behavior is showing a bit, I think.


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