August 9, 2006


I understand I shouldn’t apply my standards to every culture but I really don’t feel like there’s a nice way to say this:

Women are not a group that operate as a block. They are not of one mind and the actions of a single woman cannot be generalized to all women everywhere. They cannot even necessarily be generalized to any other specific woman anywhere.

What you experienced was the result of a single human being, independent of gender. If you want to complain about the person who did this, by all means, do so; but don’t generalize this behavior to the whole group or any subset thereof it’s unbecoming and hurtful.

Your remarks, both positive and negative, are patently sexist and downright unhelpful to the open source development community (fedora included) which, through various projects, is hoping to attract more women to our efforts and even out the demographic.

Generalizing any traits to greater than 50% of the population and stereotyping in this manner only serves to further polarize segments of the population.

Please, don’t do that.


One Response to “what?!”

  1. makuchaku Says:


    I’m sorry if my words hurt you, intent wasn’t that.
    But I guess my blog is the place where I write without any holds. Its like writing a diary – just that its more public.

    I should have been more careful on what I was writing – specially since its public.

    Point noted.


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