is no more

October 20, 2006

For a long time the linux@duke admins (who used to be more than just me) ran
an irc daemon on It was used by mostly internal folks to
duke as an informal location for staff/students/etc to talk and kinda geek
out. It was occasionally used for emergency collaboration when lots of
things went wrong at the same time at duke. 🙂

there was one main channel: #dhg. DHG was an abbreviation of ‘Duke Hackers
Guild’ which was an idea dreamed up by some [under]grad students who wanted
to get people together to work on open source projects. That never really
materialized but the name stuck. We evolved a number of tools as a result of
that channel. A quote-retaining irc bot named at first dhgbot then kibot
which had a nearly unlimited number of funny comments from almost 7 years of
people being odd on #dhg.

In the last 8 months, for reasons I’d rather not get into, it was not being
used. #dhg moved to be called #dhg-ng or something like that on another irc
network/daemon. I think it’s on somewhere but I was
specifically not invited and I’m fairly sure I know why. Oddly I don’t
regret or resent that. If I felt bad about something I did I would have
apologized. But I didn’t feel bad nor apologize. So that must mean

As it became obvious that the irc channel was no longer being used I set a
couple of timeouts and I finally shut down the daemon and closed the port on
that hosts firewall.

In an odd way it’s something that was neat about the first 7 years of my
time at duke that was turned off when I shutdown that daemon, today. I
didn’t always enjoy being on #dhg and I know that some of the time other
people didn’t enjoy my being there, either. Despite that, there were years
of amusement and discussion that I remember fairly positively.


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