neat things for fc6

October 20, 2006

So fc6 is just about here, finally. There are a couple of things that are nice to see make it to a release.

First, it’ll be nice to see yum-updatesd and the puplet get used in wide production. I’m sure there will be bugs but it is still a good step. Yum-updatesd is a background daemon that downloads and updates the metadata for package updates and emits a nice little dbus message, syslog output or an email message to tell you that updates are available. Puplet picks up the dbus emissions and informs you of the updates from an applet in your panel.

Next, I’m glad to see that the mirror-checking mechanism that I and Mike McGrath worked on will be used by the default yum repo files. This is a different script but based on the idea the centos people did. All it does it take our ‘official mirrors list’, run through each of them every hour and make sure that they have a matching repodata dir for each repository they claim to have when compared to the mirror master. Those that do not match will not be used. The next part is that yum has a cgi which has access to the above vetted list as the ‘mirrorlist=’ option in each repo. Then yum(or pirut or pup) will connect to the mirrorlist cgi and pass it info on which repo it is connecting for and what version and arch you want mirrors for. Then it gets back the urls for the mirrors closest to the client’s ip based on the GeoIP results of them.

The combination of the two should result in:

1. people only getting current mirrors

2. people getting mirrors that should be (by some measure) closer to where you are.

It’s not a perfect mechanism but it’s a good bit closer than where we were.


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