last N months

November 30, 2006

For the last N months (let’s call that number 12 or so) I’ve been kind of in and out of productivity. A lot of that is b/c half of my day job is keeping me from doing the other half of my day job. It keeps me away from interacting with the open-source-y part of my day job as much and it frustrates me to no end. A lot of things frustrate me about that half of my day job. When I took this job what I didn’t want to have happen is that I go off into oit-land and am never heard from again. That is almost exactly what has happened. I think I know of some ways of weasling out of that problem but it’ll take me some time to invent ways of tying things back to campus.

Additionally, I’ve been making a lot of changes in what I do after and away from work. Some of these are for the better for me, personally, others are a little of better and worse. I’ve picked up what could only be described as hobbies and I’m focused on things away from just the freesoftware world. And while I’m still working a not-sane amount of hours a fair bit I’m also learning about areas outside of my work field. In the last year or so I’ve learned a lot of about pens, bicycling, gardening, resource consumption and depletion, climate-change and I’ve learned a lot about where I like traveling and an enormous amount about where I currently live. All of these things take some time away from when I would have, in the past, been working on free-software related things.

Changes I’m thinking of making:

I think I’m going to go back to my old system of dividing my time up between the pieces of my job. Monday and Wednesday will be linux@duke/yum/etc specific. Tues, Thurs will be oit-specific. Then Friday will be ‘whatever else’. Now the fun part is figuring out how to make that work with my current meeting schedule which is, right now, taking up an average of 10 hours of week.

I’m also going to start working on putting together some collections of systems-maintenance/change-mgmt scripts we’ve written over the years into an easily-managed set. Mostly so they can be hung together in a scm repo but also b/c it’ll give me an excuse to talk more to the sysadmins in the departments and schools at duke and get away from doing everything solely at oit.

Finally, I’m going to try to post more entries here. Migrating everything over made me realize two things:

1. that my blog entries have really tapered off over the last year

2. that I enjoy the reminder of what was going on.


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