ich fahre morgen nach Berlin

December 3, 2006

Sitting in the lobby of my hotel waiting for my room to be available I realize that:
1. I should have brought a power adapter for US->EU
2. google local is harder when you don’t know what the hell to look for
3. that no matter where I am, I run into someone who knows something about emory and henry college.

On the plane ride over from JFK I ran into Joey Hess. We’re talking he tells me he flew out of tricities and that he’s living in bristol. I explain I went to ehc and he explains his sister went there, as well, about 2 years after me.
/me hums disney songs.


3 Responses to “ich fahre morgen nach Berlin”

  1. Eunice Says:

    “it is a fair morning in berlin?”

    i noticed that there was a moleskeine travel notebook (along with maps and info) for various cities, including berlin at the regulator last night. i think they just got in, though. 😦 sounds like you could use one.

  2. nicomachus Says:

    schiess dem fenster

    that’s the only German I know, and I learned it from watching Die Hard (over and over in my youth)

  3. liquidat Says:

    I hope you like Berlin – I visited it several times, and never got the feeling that I really know the city at least a bit. I think you can spend weeks there and still find new charming places and streets.

    But, besides the city, I would like to ask you for one thing: please, please report or blog or whatever you prefer about the “Packaging Summit” meeting as much as possible. I’m really interested in the results and the decisions of this conference – as well as in the timelines and plans.

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