there are germans singing en-masse outside my hotel

December 7, 2006

not kidding. Around 4am in berlin-time I started hearing group-singing down the street from my hotel. I have no idea what that’s all about but it says something about my visit.

Meetings today were useful and quasi-productive. I think the lsb will want some things from the various distros in terms of their packaging bits that some folks *cough*jeremy*cough* might not be keen on but I can definitely see what they want helping some of the ISVs. Especially people like SAP. We’ll see what bears out of that. One good thing about the meeting today was that I got to meet Michael Schroeder of Novell/SuSE who maintains rpm for them and we got to talk a bit about various things that we might have in common. That was useful and interesting.

Tonight for dinner I talked with Paul and Axel for a while. But the topic ranged far and wide as topics over dinner should often do.

I’ll posts pictures of the things and people I saw when I get back to bandwidth and when I get a chance to remove the crappy shots.

I’m leaving on a jet plane tomorrow and if all goes well I’ll have a lot of email to send off when I get off the plane!


One Response to “there are germans singing en-masse outside my hotel”

  1. liquidat Says:

    Hm, singing people on the 7th of december? That’s a bit strange, because I could explain it for the 6th of december: in some regions Saint Nicholas is celebrated, and children may go out and sing a bit.

    However, you are in Berlin, a city which has afaik in average 3 demonstrations each day (!), so it could have been anything 😀

    I’m curious to get more information about the decisions and plans made at the summit – although I doubt that my dream of a clear plan to solve the common binary format problem comes true…

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