glad someone decided to

December 8, 2006

say it.


4 Responses to “glad someone decided to”

  1. sarantis Says:

    This is also covered in the famous 1968 Science paper by Garret Hardin “The Tragedy of the Commons”

  2. Andy Burns Says:

    It seems crazy to me that during my lifetime (fourtymumble years) the world’s population has more that doubled, and that more humans are currently alive than have ever died …

  3. Joshua Wulf Says:

    The Earth can sustain even more people. They just need to stop driving Hummers…

    In fact, if we stopped using internal combustion and went back to using wind, water, sun, and animal power (like oxen turning mills and plowing fields), I think we’d find there are plenty of resources to go around.

  4. skvidal Says:

    I doubt that seriously. Read something about the food production capabilities we gained due to the use of petroleum-derived fertilizers. It’s not obvious we would be able to sustain the food production levels necessary to feed more people w/o fossil fuels or other energy sources outside of human/solar power.

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