Weekend Summary

January 22, 2007

Friday: Lots of good work and machine removal scheduled. Good stuff all around.

Friday Evening: Saw Pan’s Labyrinth – Well done fairy-tale-like-story – waaaaaaay too much scary and gore for me, but I’ve been told I’m a sissy when it comes to that sort of thing.

Friday Evening post dinner: scary vertigo once I got home. My mom gets vertigo and apparently this is genetically her fault.

Saturday Morning: More vertigo and general unpleasantness. Brunch and the Farmers Market, though swirling, were nice.

Saturday Afternoon: Still vertigo but lots of gardening got done and I swapped out my head light on my bike.

Saturday Evening: Vertigo Subsides somewhat – good movies and food.

Sunday: Vertigo is more or less gone. back to quasi-normalcy.

Sunday Evening: really good pizza, and kick ass pomegranate sorbet. yum 3.1.0 (development version release) and sadly a fair bit of work on some skanky machines at the office.

Referencing Greg who is referring to a post by Mark Shuttleworth. Mark Says:

“That’s why Oracle’s having to jump through hoops to produce Unbreakable Linux (bless ‘em). That’s why users are required to pay for the privilege of using RHEL.”

I have some idea of what the Centos and the Oracle teams are doing to rebuild rhel. The Centos team takes the srpms, strip out Trademarks and logos. Build them into binaries and verify dependency and library compatibility against the Red Hat Binaries.

The oracle team takes the centos rebuilds and put the oracle logos and trademarks on them. 🙂

The hoop jumping has nothing to do with the source or with anything being copyrighted in a special way. It has only to do with Trademarks. Furthermore red hat has made the rebuilding process even easier b/c they’ve adopted fedora packaging standards for their packages. This means no unspecified dependencies in packages. Everything not in the base build set is explicitly defined in the spec file.

Seriously, if you’re going to talk out of your ass about what oracle and centos are doing in order to achieve a functional distribution do a TINY amount of research.

Cthulu fruit

January 16, 2007

Cthulu fruit

Originally uploaded by skvidal.

Not sure how many other ways I can say “holy hell this is gross”
This is technically called a “Buddha’s Hand” and all I have to say is suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuure it is. If Buddha’s Hand looks like that then HP Lovecraft was a creepy Buddhist and the Dali Lama has a lot of explaining to do.
You be the judge.


January 16, 2007

party at a friends house was actually pretty nice. Lots of folks I don’t see much anymore and I don’t recall horribly offending anyone. It’s a shame the party had to be a going away party, though. My friend is off to california and while that makes me a little sad it’s better for her.

Saturday was random garden-prep work and some de-ivying of some of the bushes. I also figured out where the rain-barrel should connect to the downspout. However, I need to get some sort of stand for it so it has adequate height to make some pressure. We ran around for a while on saturday over to the thrill and did some misc errands. Mostly just trying to drop off some books at the used book store. Then we came home. I rode up to movie store for “The Illusionist” which turned out to be entirely worth the rental cost. Sunday I spent a good deal of the day prepping for a system update/downtime, cleaning the bikes and fixing misc things. Took a number of pictures and failed to learn the ‘manual’ features of my camera. Sunday night/Monday morning we had an outage for a server to upgrade it from a completely-unpatchable to an older but still patchable version of linux. The outage went relatively smoothly with only one hitch related to mkinitrd and the kernel. It was nice watching software I wrote work pretty much as intended. The outage was done and finished by 3:30am and I was back home. It was nice to ride home in the relative still and quiet of the early morning hours. Cruising down anderson street really early in a temperate 55F was pleasant. Puffing up Carolina a bit and losing a little bit of focus due to how long I’d been up wasn’t too bad. No cars on the road at that hour to make it dangerous. All sensible people were in bed.

Today we did some planning on the garden for the spring and bought a bunch of seeds and some new raised beds. Much progress there. If all goes well we’ll have a whole mob of things growing by about mid-may.

Tonight I uploaded all of the pictures I’ve taken in the last 2 weeks – the first weeks of the new year. It’s hard to imagine that its only been 2 weeks since the year started. It seems like so much longer.

Fudcon is coming up in 2 weeks (roughly). I think the yum hackfest will probably end up being me, jeremy and james sitting around trying to get the download-db-files mechanism working among a few other speed ups. Unless I find the time to get that in the next week or so. Hopefully yum 3.1.0 will come out this week once I check that all the patches to 3.0.X filtered up to HEAD.

Anyway – off to make todo lists and then to bed.

Re: Yummy

January 5, 2007


When the scriptlet fails rpmlib doesn’t report back any errors to the transaction callback. Therefore there isn’t any way for yum to know that there was an error.

yum builds the transaction

yum runs the transaction and checks the return from that function to see if there were errors.

rpm reports no errors so yum moves along to completion.

It’s one of the things I would like to see fixed in rpms-to-come.