Weekend Summary

January 22, 2007

Friday: Lots of good work and machine removal scheduled. Good stuff all around.

Friday Evening: Saw Pan’s Labyrinth – Well done fairy-tale-like-story – waaaaaaay too much scary and gore for me, but I’ve been told I’m a sissy when it comes to that sort of thing.

Friday Evening post dinner: scary vertigo once I got home. My mom gets vertigo and apparently this is genetically her fault.

Saturday Morning: More vertigo and general unpleasantness. Brunch and the Farmers Market, though swirling, were nice.

Saturday Afternoon: Still vertigo but lots of gardening got done and I swapped out my head light on my bike.

Saturday Evening: Vertigo Subsides somewhat – good movies and food.

Sunday: Vertigo is more or less gone. back to quasi-normalcy.

Sunday Evening: really good pizza, and kick ass pomegranate sorbet. yum 3.1.0 (development version release) and sadly a fair bit of work on some skanky machines at the office.


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