April 1, 2007

Some folks have been asking what I’m doing, other than changing jobs/leaving duke and, of course moving. Well, let’s cover a few things:

1. moving to carrboro. We’re moving to carrboro, nc. It’ll tell us how much we really love durham or not if we miss it and we’d also like to try out a city/town where public transportation isn’t a vague fairytale. πŸ™‚

2. We’re also going to try out the cohousing thing to see if we like it or if it makes sense for us. It’s a fairly good sized change so I’m certain it’ll take some adaptation. We’ve just signed the lease and we’re moving to the Pacifica Cohousing community. That’s what these pictures are of. We’re renting one of them to see what it will be like. So far it’s a lot of volunteer labor and meetings to figure out who will do what. So, in a lot of ways it’s like Fedora. πŸ™‚

The place we’ve rented is passive solar, tankless hot water heater and is a bit smaller than where we currently are. However, it means we’re downsizing nicely and we’ll hopefully be able to make use of the common house to supplement any space we feel we might need.

3. I’ve been closing out lots of items at work and trying to get the rhel5/centos5 trees for duke complete as one of my final tasks before I mosey on wherever I am going. πŸ™‚

4. Looking for a job with some drive. I have a couple of good leads and I also the next 3 months of being paid by my current employer to look around.

5. even though we’re moving we’re doing a lot of gardening. A lot of it is in raised beds so it will move with us. Some of it won’t. We got some lovely apple trees from my folks for christmas and we’ll be taking those (in their large pots) with us when we go. Looking forward to seeing those leaf out.

6. working in bits and pieces on the yum depsolver. That’s actually coming out little by little better. Jeremy and James have done some good work and I’ve got some pieces I’m pretty excited about, too.


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