status report

April 19, 2007

Moved into the new place with much thanks to Mom, Dad and Molly. All the stuff is in the house (with the exception of the gardening stuff which is outside of the house). Now, we just have to sort, unpack and find a place for all of it. Adjustments are being made. It’s a smaller space but we’re making some progress on what is where and how it all fits. However, internet access has been an adventure. I’m currently ‘borrowing’ net access, iykwim. We called to get cable internet connected. The guy comes by to hook it up. Both of the cable jacks in the house do not function. So, I call the owner, who calls the builder, who calls the electrician to get it fixed.

In the time waiting for that I decide to check to see if the house phone is working just in case I need to get DSL, instead. And, it seems, none of the house lines will work. So, b/c of my childhood of playing silly buggers with my home phones I wander out to the greybox on the house and plug in there. Looks like the phone works at least that far so the problem is inside the house-wiring somewhere. Always a treat. So, I call the owner and then the builder about getting this fixed asap. I think I made the joke “I’ve seen faraday cages that aren’t as good at keeping out signals as this house, apparently, is.” I’m not sure anyone gets that joke besides me among the people to whom I tell it but, oh well. I liked it.

In other news, I had interviews with 2 potential employers this week. Both are interesting jobs doing open-source-y things. One is a non-profit and the other is for-profit. I’m leaning in one direction b/c of potential for advancement but I’m waiting to see what comes out of that, first. Both interviews were good and promising, though.

So, if you’re wondering where I am, that’s where I am. I’ve not been online as much b/c, well, it’s hard to be when your access is occasional and blippy.

I’ll post some pictures soon-ish.


2 Responses to “status report”

  1. Mike McGrath Says:

    That’s funny. When my parents moved into their house they called to get the cable hooked up. Looks like the guy who lived there before us actually ran cables from not just one, but two of our neighbors. Awesome.

  2. Nice to hear, that the worst part of the moving is completed.
    Good luck with the job hunting.

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