progress report

April 21, 2007

This week has had its ups and downs with our move to carrboro:


– the hassle with the cable and phone

– moving stuff over from durham to here – it’s just an annoying drive

– going out on thursday night and having no one recognize you and say hello.

– sifting through all of our stuff to figure out what we can get rid of

– finding out that the ‘cybrary’ in downtown carrboro has a handful of books and a number of computers, that’s it.

– determining that while we’re not all that old that we’re too old and not cool enough to hang out in open-eye cafe and not feel out of place.


– having the builder get the cable and phone issues fixed quickly and for free. Yay for internet access in the house!

– finding out bolin creek and the trails around it are surrounding the area where pacifica is on almost all sides. So, a quick few steps out of the house and you’re in the woods on some nice trails which make for lovely places to walk the wondermutt.

– going to the chapel hill public library and realizing how much we missed not only a well populated but also beautiful library. It’s gorgeous

– finding that the wednesday farmer’s market is not huge but reasonably well supplied so that if I want a fresh tomato in the middle of the week I can get it, and from the tomato guy we’ve been going to for quite some time, no less

– being recognized by the folks from chapel hill creamery at the wednesday farmer’s market and having them say “but you live in durham, we saw you there last week, did you leave?!?”

We realized we like being known to people, being ‘those people’ who everyone has seen and can talk to. It’s nice. We’re working on that here, it’ll just take a while before we recognize people and they recognize us. Need to drop into Elmo’s more often, that’ll help. But I’m not sure if Elmo’s here is as much of a central place as it is in Durham. Time will tell.


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