job decision

May 9, 2007

Last friday I had to make a decision. Which of the jobs to take. It was not trivial. Both would have me working on free software and involved with the open source community.

In the end I decided to take the job with the company for whom most people had assumed I was already working.

On June 18th I start work at red hat.

Feel free to fill up the comments with invective and conspiracy. 🙂


30 Responses to “job decision”

  1. Ryan Tomayko Says:

    I hope you won’t be toeing any lines 😉 Redhat just picked up a huge asset assuming they don’t force you to check the cluestick at the door.

  2. skvidal Says:

    I believe I’ll be a fedora and yum person. Among other bits and pieces. We’ll see how it goes. Given the folks I talked with I’m pretty hopeful.

  3. Congrats on the Red Hat position, Seth. Hope it goes well for you!

  4. snerd Says:

    Make sure you give Galgoci an atomic wedgie for me.

    Also, don’t drink the water.

  5. quaid Says:

    Excellent. You just made my otherwise rotten egg (literally) evening 1000x times better.

  6. congratulations seth! years ago you did mention why you’d avoid it like the plague, but congratulations nonetheless 🙂

  7. Menno Smits Says:

    Congratulations. Redhat is lucky to have you.

  8. Congratulations Seth, Hope you will be happy with the new job.

  9. RTLM Says:

    Seth that’s great news! I’m very happy to know you’ll be getting officially paid for your contributions to the Open Source community now. You deserve it.

  10. Mr. Icon Says:


    Errr…. Ahem…. I mean, congratulations! 🙂

  11. James Bowes Says:

    Welcome aboard, Mr Vidal

  12. Eunice Says:

    i guess this means you get a new alias.

    mr. yum redhat-to-be. actually, ‘fedora yum’ doesn’t sound like a bad name for a novel. as in…
    “Over the years, Fedora Yum had gotten used to people asking her about her unusual name. She would usually give a slow smile and pause, deliberating just ever so, that her father was an avid collector of hats.”

  13. skvidal Says:

    Thanks Everyone!

    Colin, yes I did. However, things change and in this case the thing that has changed is how open and available fedora is. Being paid to work on fedora seems pretty reasonable.

    Icon, Yes, thank you, you’re a prince among men. Or maybe a princess, I don’t know.


  14. Máirín Says:


  15. dkl Says:

    Good news Seth. Welcome aboard!


  16. mmcgrath Says:

    I thought you already worked for Red Hat?

    /me runs

  17. Seth, congratulations! Red Hat is lucky to get you — best of luck in your new job.

  18. Swan Says:

    Congratulations!!! How’s the commute?

    Give Intern Villa kisses for me.

    P.S. We’re insanely jealous of the house.

  19. Brian Pepple Says:

    Seth, congratulations. This is good news for RH/Fedora.

  20. Toshio Kuratomi Says:

    Congratulations Seth! It’s good to see great contributors rewarded. Your jesting aside, I know the Fedora community will be richer for having you within the fenceline. As notting is fond of saying, the community is all of us who work to make a better Fedora. You’re attitudes about community involvement won’t change just because you start tacking an to the end of your name 🙂

  21. terje Says:

    Congrats seth! Very nice!

  22. Congrats on the new job.

  23. a-HA! Conspiracy! Even if this does sound like a great fit for you, and even if you will be a great asset to RH.

    Congratulations on the job, man.

  24. Just heard the news, and it is AWESOME! I’m thrilled to hear you’re coming on board!

  25. Excellent, congrats on the new job.

  26. Mike Kearey Says:

    Hey Seth, welcome to Red Hat and congratulations on your new job. It is such great news to have you working on Fedora, a perfect fit.

  27. snerd Says:

    Oh no – Mike, you drank the water, didn’t you? You’re one of Them too!

  28. […] job decision Last friday I had to make a decision. Which of the jobs to take. It was not trivial. Both would have me working on free […] […]

  29. Pablo Iranzo Says:

    Congratulations 😉

  30. thruhike98 Says:

    Congratulations Seth! We’re happy for you and wish you the best.
    You mean they didn’t call you “Mr. Yum” because you’re such a gourmet?

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