productivity coupled with decadence

May 18, 2007

Much accomplished this week. The okra and soybeans are coming up lovely in the garden. I dug and added compost and soil to the allotment and the girl and I got all the seedlings and other seeds planted up there in the bright bright sun. We’ll see if they hold up or not. I got yum 3.2.0 sent out and I got it built in koji. I took the girl for her ever-so-fun root canal and ran all the errands she needed me to run.

I also spent a little time today looking for odd or bogus file-requires in packages in fedora.

Finally, on a suggestion from colin walters I wrote a little script to do a bit more intelligent returns from a yum search.

Here’s what I came up with:



python term1 term2 term3 …

that should return the top ten best matches for all of those terms. the sorting mechanism is not the best it could be its just a first dodge at it.

So, in all much got accomplished.

Now to the decadence part. We had heard from their newsletter that crooks corner had honeysuckle sorbet available. It normally only lasts a week, maybe two. So we went tonight.

For those people who don’t live in the south, honeysuckle is a blossoming vine which is common in the american south. It has a cloying, delicate smell which seems to become much more noticeable in the evenings when you’re walking past some of them. The good folks at crooks take many, many blossoms and squeeze the nectar out. Then they make sorbet from this and an assortment of other delicate flavors. It results in an unbelievably wonderful dessert. It tastes like the beginning of summer. Like just before school ends in may. Then we went to a book store and used all of our store credit from used book sales to buy a bunch of new books. Finally, we rode our bikes back home.

Much in the way of decadence.


2 Responses to “productivity coupled with decadence”

  1. The honeysuckle is *huge* in our backyard right now. We came back from the Summit and it had just completely exploded.

    And if you should happen to pickle any of that okra, make sure to let me know. 🙂

  2. wade vidal Says:

    sounds like you got a lot of dirt between your toes and under your finger nails, feels good don’t it . pater

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