“work” today

June 28, 2007

I put work in quotes in the title b/c it is important to distinguish what I was doing today from being productive. I was at a coffee shop. I had no trouble getting online. However, due to the odd assortment of wireless APs in the area the iwl3945 driver would get hopelessly confused and lockup, knocking me off the network and wedging itself so it could not reload about once every 15 minutes. So, every 15 minutes I had to reboot. If you want to experience this w/o needing this driver go ahead and try halting your machine 4 times an hour. Give it a shot, see what happens to your productivity. I wanted to kill kittens.

Needless to say, I’ll be migrating my files back to my X40 tonight and putting the X60 on the shelf for a while until the drivers improve. Maybe even, radically, letting the laptop sleep and re-awaken. Crazy.

If this sounds like a rant, that’s b/c it is. I’m at home now, I’ve been cranky and pissed off for most of the afternoon and now I get to spend the evening trying to get everything cleaned up AND maybe get back what remained of my productivity of the day. I had 2 bugs filed today and I have a line on both of them, plus I want to finish a machine upgrade and get back to playing with collectd some more.

I’d like to say to everyone who talked to me today I’m very sorry. I was in an amazingly unhappy place 🙂


Do you enjoy smoke filled rooms?

Do you get a sudden thrill at the idea of being current in the halls of power?

Does your pulse quicken at the world ‘cabal’?

Do you love the idea of having meetings where you think about crying afterward?


If all these things describe you (and even if they don’t) you should think about running for the fedora project board! If you’re a contributor and you think you’ve got what it takes then self-nominate for the position.

If you know someone who works on fedora and you don’t like them very much and you think they’d be a good person to help direct the goals of the project then nominate them!

* NB: Tongue planted fimrly in cheek about all of these things except that people should nominate themselves or others for the board!


June 20, 2007

I’ve been oriented into my new gig at red hat. My mental check list of things I needed to get:

– id badge – check

– new laptop – check

– new account – check

– access to the vpn – check

– access to wireless – check

– command keys for the orbital laser – check

– instructions for directing the black helicopters – check

– documentation on using the weather machine – no check

I somehow missed that office, damn it.

In all seriousness orientation was pain-free and angst-free for about 95% of the time. There was a slight hang up with my password for my new account but amusingly a good deal of the work I’m doing is fedora-centered so the account isn’t very important since all the repositories and what not are accessible w/o any need to access redhat.com or the vpn. Pretty cool, actually.

My flight out of san jose, ca was an hour late. Thus I missed my connection to rdu from phoenix. So I am stuck overnight to get to RDU. Let’s add to that the extra pain of not getting to rdu until 4:07pm tomorrow. That’s right 4:07pm.

So, yah, world-of-suck. I miss the girl, the dog and the bed. I miss food that I know the origin of. I miss not having to interact with service-sector workers. I miss some relative privacy and sense of normalcy. I miss the wii, too.

Everyone should pity me, please.

Thank you, now I’ll return to foraging for food.

common problem in yum

June 15, 2007

I’m at the linux-foundation summit right now and I’ve had a number of fruitful discussions with people who are able to point some specific issues with yum and frequently suggest many and varied ways to fix them. However, something I thought had been documented a bit but I wanted to mention was this:

If you find yum stalls out A LOT right after parsing arguments for various commands and/or that yum search takes a loooooooong time when you know it is not downloading from the network then you probably want to stop all yum and rpm-related processes and run as root:

rpm –rebuilddb

Then go to /var/lib/rpm and make sure __db* files are gone.

Run yum again and see if it makes things faster. I think it will.

Update: It’s been brought to my attention that others have documented this much better than I have:


Go there to get the full story (even if it does say rhel3 at the top)

multimedia discoveries

June 9, 2007

It’s amazing. Mr. Frields has uncovered more depth in our mr. mcgrath. He’s not just a top notch sysadmin and gardener. He’s also a country-western singer:

He’s a renaissance man, clearly.

So thanks to some innovative use of the undo command we were able to uncover the true cover for the aforementioned book:

This is why we must be careful about documents storing more data, you never know when things like this can be recovered.

Thanks to Paul Frields for  recovering this.