fedora project board elections

June 20, 2007

Do you enjoy smoke filled rooms?

Do you get a sudden thrill at the idea of being current in the halls of power?

Does your pulse quicken at the world ‘cabal’?

Do you love the idea of having meetings where you think about crying afterward?


If all these things describe you (and even if they don’t) you should think about running for the fedora project board! If you’re a contributor and you think you’ve got what it takes then self-nominate for the position.

If you know someone who works on fedora and you don’t like them very much and you think they’d be a good person to help direct the goals of the project then nominate them!

* NB: Tongue planted fimrly in cheek about all of these things except that people should nominate themselves or others for the board!


2 Responses to “fedora project board elections”

  1. red_alert Says:

    uhm, your link is broken. The correct one would be http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Board/Elections/Nominations and normal people would copy-paste it so they don’t get it wrong 😉

  2. skvidal Says:

    Thanks, what’s amusing is that I did cut and paste it – from frields’ post. 🙂

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