June 20, 2007

I’ve been oriented into my new gig at red hat. My mental check list of things I needed to get:

– id badge – check

– new laptop – check

– new account – check

– access to the vpn – check

– access to wireless – check

– command keys for the orbital laser – check

– instructions for directing the black helicopters – check

– documentation on using the weather machine – no check

I somehow missed that office, damn it.

In all seriousness orientation was pain-free and angst-free for about 95% of the time. There was a slight hang up with my password for my new account but amusingly a good deal of the work I’m doing is fedora-centered so the account isn’t very important since all the repositories and what not are accessible w/o any need to access redhat.com or the vpn. Pretty cool, actually.


One Response to “orientation”

  1. Luis Villa Says:

    Need the kerb password for the fucking mail, though, which you’re still stuck with.

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