“work” today

June 28, 2007

I put work in quotes in the title b/c it is important to distinguish what I was doing today from being productive. I was at a coffee shop. I had no trouble getting online. However, due to the odd assortment of wireless APs in the area the iwl3945 driver would get hopelessly confused and lockup, knocking me off the network and wedging itself so it could not reload about once every 15 minutes. So, every 15 minutes I had to reboot. If you want to experience this w/o needing this driver go ahead and try halting your machine 4 times an hour. Give it a shot, see what happens to your productivity. I wanted to kill kittens.

Needless to say, I’ll be migrating my files back to my X40 tonight and putting the X60 on the shelf for a while until the drivers improve. Maybe even, radically, letting the laptop sleep and re-awaken. Crazy.

If this sounds like a rant, that’s b/c it is. I’m at home now, I’ve been cranky and pissed off for most of the afternoon and now I get to spend the evening trying to get everything cleaned up AND maybe get back what remained of my productivity of the day. I had 2 bugs filed today and I have a line on both of them, plus I want to finish a machine upgrade and get back to playing with collectd some more.

I’d like to say to everyone who talked to me today I’m very sorry. I was in an amazingly unhappy place 🙂


5 Responses to ““work” today”

  1. As the proud (?) owner of a T60p, I totally feel your pain. There is a distinct disadvantage to Red Hat not buying its developers more mainline hardware on which to develop and test. Just think of all those happy owners of brand-new 4945-equipped boxes and what they have to look forward to when they try switching to Linux!

    I know it probably doesn’t help, but the ipw3945 drivers seem to work somewhat better, provided your definition of “better” includes a regulatory daemon that sucks the life from your battery like it’s Tony Montana doing a mountain of cocaine off a pedestal desk.

  2. James Bowes Says:

    The saving grace of the x60 is that its so darn fast, most times I’ll do a full shutdown/startup if I have to move it.

    Also, short pants.

  3. luke Says:

    Yeah, I resorted to installing the old ipw3945 stack on my girlfriend’s Z61t. She has since stopped complaining 🙂

  4. Brian Pepple Says:

    Wow, I must be one of the few people that hasn’t had any problems with the iwl3945 drive on my laptop.

  5. Jeremy Katz Says:

    The big problems with iwlwifi seem to be suspend (in older versions; newer seems to have that mostly beat into shape) and multiple APs/roaming. Knock on wood, but the latter actually seems happier with current tip of iwlwifi.git. I might sit down tomorrow and get together the patch to update the Fedora kernel to the newest bits. The only downside there is a little bit of a firmware fiasco (new firmware is needed, but they didn’t rename it — so going between two versions is kind of painful) but I’m hoping if I wait a day or so, they’ll do the right thing and rename it

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