guilt and translations

July 13, 2007

So I was pleasantly helping dimitris glezos this morning with a package that was missing on one of the app servers and as a thank you he decided to drop the translations-bomb on me. Specifically: yum and translations: not so much. Evidence of this can be seen here:

Now, we used to have marginally better translation support, and then the logging items changed and, well, it never really came back correctly. There are a couple of outstanding problems in the logging infrastructure in yum. Specifically that as a programmer trying to figure out what will and will not get logged when you make a logging call like:

self.verbose_logger.log(logginglevels.INFO_2, ‘–> Populating transaction ‘with selected packages. Please wait.’)

is not entirely obvious due to the conflation of the old-style logging with the new-style logging. Additionally:


is a wee-bit long of a preamble to saying “stuff happened”

Anyway – long and short – Dimitris is right, translation needs to happen, too and this is an excellent place for someone to look at fixing a discrete item in yum that doesn’t get them buried in depsolving code or sqlite.

In short: Patches are welcome.


2 Responses to “guilt and translations”

  1. As a non-programmer, I am probably naive about this. How much work is involved here beyond making sure each module is doing something like ‘import gettext.gettext as _’ and then turning strings from ‘foo bar’ into _(‘foo bar’) ? (By which I mean to say, how much of this can be accomplished by someone at or below my level of programming skil?)

  2. skvidal Says:

    not a huge amount – but it would be nice to clean up the text strings and make the logging be less annoying at the same time -since it would mean changing a lot of the same strings.

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