July 15, 2007


So, I’m going to write these down now – so that when I’m right then I have some evidence I was right and I can point and mock at others about how right I truly was (muahahah). And if I’m wrong you can expect this post to be deleted without any evidence it ever existed 😉

Predictions for Harry Potter book 7:

1. Snape is a good guy (more or less)

2. Snape was in love with Lily Potter (and she had a soft spot for him, too). This is why Voldemort didn’t want to kill Lily and this is why Snape turned against him. This is also why Dumbledore believed Snape. Dumbledore’s a sucker for people who are acting out of love.

3. There was someone else in the Potter’s house the night Voldemort killed Lily and James. We know this b/c: for some reason Dumbledore had James’ invisibility cloak and gave it to Harry in book One. Also, we have way a lot of detail of that night, of what went on inside the house. I think it was Snape under the invisibility cloak, actually. And I think the parallels b/t Snape at Godric’s Hollow and Harry on top of the tower when Dumbledore died are going to be strong. I’m a little less confident of this but it may be that James froze Snape under the cloak to keep his cover and to keep him alive. James saving Snape twice and in this case where he though he might have been able to save Lily would continue to account for his hatred for James.

4. As Eunice mentioned last night – we seem to know nada about the Potter-side of Harry’s family. I’m betting his lineage will get explained a bit and it’ll be very, very gryffindor .

So, we’ll find out how right I am in just over 5 days.


One Response to “predictions”

  1. quaid Says:

    Those are good points. I’ve also thought Snape was likely a form of good guy; I’ve been wondering if Dumbledore pulled an Obi Wan on top of the tower. Snape as Judas, setup to do what must be done.

    There is the big question of who swapped the horcrux in the cave; there is a mystery Voldemort hunter.

    Remember how the plot outline works in the classic martial arts movie, which is also derivative ad nauseum — the young hero learns from his old master, then his old master is killed by the evil master (who often killed the young hero’s parents or sibling etc. previously), and the young hero seeks out a renegade master who teaches him the tricks to defeat the evil master.

    Don’t forget the, “Is Harry the last horcrux?” question. 🙂

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