sense memories

July 29, 2007

completely unrelated to anything:

The song “Dont Change your Plans” By Ben Folds Five: I have an extremely strong memory of listening to this song while walking cori (my dog). It was in my old apartment. It was probably Fall of 2000 or 2001? It had to be Fall b/c I remember being dressed warmly and thinking how similar the lines “the leaves are falling back east” were to how it was at the time. I also remember walking cori in the dark – so I figure sometime after the time-change when it gets dark earlier.

This song came up tonight on random play and it made me a bit .. I dunno – nostalgic isn’t the right word. maybe wistful. I remember feeling in rather dark moods at that time. My music selection at the time trended toward vaguely depressing music which kept me in the right state of mind I needed to do my work. To further date this experience – I was listening to all of this on my minidisc player. Yah, I was one of the 3 people who bought those.

Anyway – hearing the song brought back that memory rather intensely. Despite my relative state of mind at that time that memory is somehow pleasant for me. Odd. It’s probably just my general attraction to the Autumn months.

“You have made me smile again in fact, I might be sore from it”

Full Lyrics


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