August 22, 2007

for reasons I don’t know I ended up playing with pybackpack tonight. I had messed with it before but only to test it out – tonight I felt like looking a bit deeper. And it was 2 am – what better time to start on something new, right? So, I posted this note.  The gist of which is – there are somethings that would be great additions to pybackpack. They are:

  • easy addition of files/dirs to a backup set from nautilus
  • gnome applet to nag you about how long its been since your last backup
  •, amazon-s3, etc integration
  • using duplicity instead of rdiff-backup to allow for encrypted backups

then I proceeded to look at solving some of  these items. After an hour of researching how to do it (nautilus-send-to? no, nautilus-extensions? closer, nautilus-python? ah, yes, docs, hmmm…, source? ah, better) I put together this little python extension to nautilus.  Now, it is very simple – but it lets you quickly add files or dirs to a pybackpack backup set using nautilus.

If anyone has some interest in hacking on the others ping at me – I’d love to talk with you some about them before they get implemented. Something that could be released in an updated pybackpack or a pybackpack-addon package in fedora would be terribly cool.

2 Responses to “pybackpack”

  1. […] Seth Vidal has knocked up a clever little script that lets you add files and directories to a backup set by simply right-clicking on them in a nautilus window. Thanks, Seth. […]

  2. […] sia ancora in versione zero.qualcosa, mi sembra stabile e veloce. Esiste anche una comoda estensione per Nautilus per fare backup con il drag-and-drop. […]

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