August 31, 2007

wikidbase is something I noticed on the daily python url a little while back. I was playing with it a bit tonight and I think it might just be the coolest thing in the world.
An instance of that would easily let people input arbitrary data but in a structured way that could then be queried and used. There’s much to lust about there.
– It’s an instantaneous and very flexible issue tracker
– it’s a kick ass todo list manager
– it’s a hw functionality indexer
– it’s a rolodex
– it’s an enemies-list
that’s the cool part – being able to easily input one of the ‘types’ of pages you create and add more and more like it using the format you created the first time. Very hot.

the help page  explains a lot more. – the demo login is admin/admin


One Response to “wikidbase”

  1. Badass.

    So the question is, when will we get one up in Fedora-land, and start playing with it to see what it can do for us?

    But maybe that’s a question for Mr. McGrath.

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