weekend thus far

September 16, 2007

On friday I spent all day being the booth babe for fedora/red hat at the software freedom day event at UNC. Max was giving a talk in the morning and we spent the rest of the day answering questions and talking to people. The OLPC I brought along went over fairly well, too. It helped to draw people in. We thought we were going to have lots of schwag left to take home but we didn’t have anything. It was all gone – even the temporary tatoos of shadowman. Talked to a lot of people, some of them were very positive and a lot of people, I think, simply had no idea what fedora had been doing recently. They’d stopped paying attention after FC1 and hadn’t been back. Lunch with Tom and Chris and Max at Carrburritos, all very good.  It poured down rain for a good portion of the day and I don’t think there was a sad face anywhere about this rain. NC has needed rain for a good long while now and this rain helped. It won’t make the difference to stop us being in a drought but it will make it feel a bit better.

On saturday we had a fairly busy day: Farmer’s Market.  Eunice went off to take pictures of dogs for the spokesdog contest for the APS. I took the tandem over to the bike shop for some work and to put on some pedals I picked up at the durham bike coop last weekend. Then I walked home and picked up some bread on the way. I got home and showered and waited around a bit for some people to come look at the townhouse to see about renting it so the girl and I can get our of our lease :). Then we hung out a bit, read email, books, had a lovely late lunch comprised of food from very nearby :). Another couple came by to see the house and 2-3 hours later I walked the dog and then we headed back out to the bike shop to pick up the bike and then figure out dinner. We biked over to el patio loco and had a lovely (if a bit larger than we expected) dinner. Back to the bike shop for the bike-in movie night. It was a movie about the black label bike club. It seemed a little like a documentary on self-destructive overprivileged white kids but maybe I’m being a bit cynical. 🙂  Rode home and it was chilly by then – maybe 50F. I was in shorts and a tshirt so I was a bit colder than I expected to be. But it felt like fall, like the orange tint of October was just waiting for us, back in tree-covered Durham.

Slept with the windows open last night and had a good solid chill. A cup of tea before bed helped that, too. Woke up this morning to about 55F so threw on the robe when I got up. Sat out on the porch reading my morning mail and rss feeds. Watched a hawk soar around above pine treetops and listened to some crows caw. It’s beginning to feel like Fall and I remember why, beyond it having my birthday in it, that I love this time of year. High of 77F today, just about perfect for a ride up to brunch and then maybe wandering a little bit afterward.

“October was in the chair, so it was chilly that evening…”

addendum about mouth pain

September 12, 2007

Eunice thought I should add what I IM’d to her:

here are the worst-case scenarios for my mouth pain:
1. infection in my tooth – it needs to be extracted
2. infection in my jaw – I have to go to the hospital for multiple days to fight the infection
3. infection in my skull – I die
4. infection in my brain – I slowly go insane and then die
after I typed this she started laughing uncontrollably. Not pleased with her.


September 12, 2007

I’ve been experiencing some mouth pain over the last couple of days. As some people here who have read deep into the past I have a history of mouth pain.

The root canal from about 3 years ago appears to have gone a bit sideways. I have an appointment on Thursday for suffering. I’m suspecting there will be an infection and some inflammation followed by an enormous amount of pain and then maybe an enormous bill. Well, I guess I get to try out that shiny new red hat dental insurance!

Save McGrath

September 10, 2007

I totally saw Mike pass out at 31 flavors last night!

save mcgrath

*With mad props to jcollie for the gimp-ery 

People are stupid

September 10, 2007

Eunice and I were walking Cori in Bolin Forest tonight near our house in Carrboro. Walking along I smelled some folks smoking cigarettes and I told them to be careful with them b/c we’re in a bad drought and the butts or ash is enough to set something on fire. That’s not stupid in and of itself. Except for the smoking being crappy for you and doing anything like that is fairly dumb but not dumber than normal.

We walked on a bit more and found 6 votive candles lined up on a log. All around the log were pine needles. Very, very dry pine needles. I scooped them up (they were still hot on the bottom and the wax sloshed a bit as I did that) and I walked the rest of the way back muttering indecencies under my breath. I talked to one of the neighbors and told her to keep an eye out. She told me to call the cops and report it. I realized she was right and I did.

All I have to say is: We’re in a probably record-breaking drought. It’s september and leaves are dry and fallen everywhere. It hasn’t rained any appreciable amount in weeks. What kind of stupid are you that you don’t understand that dry-forest + fire == BAD BAD NEWS?

coworking institute

September 9, 2007

Reading Luis’ blog about this in NYC. I would love to see something similar in downtown durham.

A location where the normal work-from-home crowd could come by, get a cup of coffee, a sandwich, meet some other people who do similar things.. Sounds like the perfect place to connectors and mavens to get to know each other (in the tipping point jargon)

critical flat :(

September 7, 2007

So, I went over to Durham this evening for critical mass. There were a lot of people -evidently about 80+. I was there for the first 1.5 miles or so. Then my back tire went flat and I had to stop. By the time I was fixed up and ready to ride they were very far gone. 😦
However, it’ll be back next month, same day and I’ll try to be there for that one. And this time, I WON’T get a flat!
Thanks to the people who organized it and put together the kickass posters for it. I’m glad it was peaceful and big and successful. This is one of the many reasons why I’m looking forward to moving back to Durham in October.

For odd reasons I got an email about Software Freedom Day Event over at unc next week. I emailed some folks and I think we’re going to have a talk by Max Spevack – our fearless leader of the Fedora Project and hopefully a table/booth for fedora schwag (livecds, dvds, etc). I’ll update more here as I know more but it sure seems like a cool thing to go to and UNC campus is really nice. If you’re in the area and want to learn more about linux and other open-source-y/free culture things you should stop by. If you’re a linux company/project/lug in the area contact the people in charge to see if you can help!

I was talking to luke today and he said he needed an easy way of querying data out of a repository that he just had on disk or available at a url but didn’t actually have set up in his yum configuration. So I took a little time and sifted through repoquery in yum-utils to add support for arbitrary repository paths.

So if you take this version of repoquery and you run it like this:

repoquery –repofrompath=/url/or/path/to/myrepo  \ –repoid=myrepo -q -a

then you’ll get a list of all the pkgs in that repository.

It was very simple to implement but it should expedite a lot of random lookups that people may want to do against arbitrary repositories – especially often-remade koji repos.

Here’s the full excerpt from the man page:

Specify  a  path  or  url  to  a  repository  (same path as in a
baseurl) to add to the repositories for this query. This  option
can  be  used  multiple times. If you want to view only the pkgs
from this repository combine this with –repoid. The  repoid  of
the  paths  specified are the last directory path segment. So if
the path you specified  was:  ’/some/place/named/my_repo/’  then
the    repoid   would   be   ’my_repo’.   If   the   path   was:
’http://server/path/my_repo’  then  the  repoid  would  also  be           ‘my_repo’.


Assuming Google translate hasn’t horribly mangled your intent, could you file a bug about what is happening there? Specifically if you have  diskspacecheck turned off in your yum.conf? B/C as it is rpm should be erroring about there being insufficient disk space well before the transaction is ever run.