Software Freedom Day Event at UNC-Chapel Hill

September 6, 2007

For odd reasons I got an email about Software Freedom Day Event over at unc next week. I emailed some folks and I think we’re going to have a talk by Max Spevack – our fearless leader of the Fedora Project and hopefully a table/booth for fedora schwag (livecds, dvds, etc). I’ll update more here as I know more but it sure seems like a cool thing to go to and UNC campus is really nice. If you’re in the area and want to learn more about linux and other open-source-y/free culture things you should stop by. If you’re a linux company/project/lug in the area contact the people in charge to see if you can help!


One Response to “Software Freedom Day Event at UNC-Chapel Hill”

  1. We did in fact have Max! …and speakers from Dell, Mozilla the University Library and Linux Virtual Server.

    COSI (Carolina Open Source Initiative) is still alive but slightly dormant. The information on the wiki is still mostly accurate, at least as far as the two presidents. Otherwise, YMMV.

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