Save McGrath

September 10, 2007

I totally saw Mike pass out at 31 flavors last night!

save mcgrath

*With mad props to jcollie for the gimp-ery 


People are stupid

September 10, 2007

Eunice and I were walking Cori in Bolin Forest tonight near our house in Carrboro. Walking along I smelled some folks smoking cigarettes and I told them to be careful with them b/c we’re in a bad drought and the butts or ash is enough to set something on fire. That’s not stupid in and of itself. Except for the smoking being crappy for you and doing anything like that is fairly dumb but not dumber than normal.

We walked on a bit more and found 6 votive candles lined up on a log. All around the log were pine needles. Very, very dry pine needles. I scooped them up (they were still hot on the bottom and the wax sloshed a bit as I did that) and I walked the rest of the way back muttering indecencies under my breath. I talked to one of the neighbors and told her to keep an eye out. She told me to call the cops and report it. I realized she was right and I did.

All I have to say is: We’re in a probably record-breaking drought. It’s september and leaves are dry and fallen everywhere. It hasn’t rained any appreciable amount in weeks. What kind of stupid are you that you don’t understand that dry-forest + fire == BAD BAD NEWS?