mucking about

October 11, 2007


Among miscellaneous items with which I play/work I’ve been messing with repoview and python-bugzilla and genshi. Mostly I was looking at making how people find out more about any given package in fedora easier. I came up with a repoview mockup that I liked based partially on the default repoview format and partially on the packagedb layout. All this is fine and good but I liked that the debian package pages have a link to open bugs for any given package. So, playing with python-bugzilla allowed me to write a short cgi that takes only a package name and it outputs the list of new/assigned/modified/needinfo bugs for that package in fedora. Here’s an example output. It’s obviously nothing fancy. However, that’s the point.

What I’d like to do is setup the apache redirects to allow us to have something like:  point to that cgi + the right get-string. That way there’s an obvious way for any web page or app to refer to the open bugs for a given package without having to resort to a tinyurl or a god-awful bugzilla url.

Anyway  – just somethings I was messing with.


So, we closed on a house on tuesday. Meeting with all sorts of folks on thursday about the house. Moving on saturday. It’s been a very full week for me. I’m looking forward to moving in and having my life settle back down in the general direction of normalcy.


One Response to “mucking about”

  1. Stephen Says:

    Yay house! Congratulations, and good luck.

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