score for fedora!

December 20, 2007

Sitting a coffee shop working on some stuff, I see this guy I know (almost exclusively from the coffee shop). He’s got a new (to him) laptop and he’s excited about it. The only problem is he’s fighting with the wireless and the brightness keys don’t work. He’s running debian etch and not having much fun. I say “you got a second to try something out for me?” He says “sure”. So, I pop in the usb live key and boot up the box. It boots really fast off of the key – about 30s total. It comes up, the brightness keys work immediately. I tell him, click on the applet for the network and see if we can find the wireless networks. He does, 5s later he’s attached to the wireless network and ready to go.

His response: “Wow, you may have just sold me on fedora”

Score for fedora just working.

Score for the live images kicking ass.


3 Responses to “score for fedora!”

  1. thruhike98 Says:

    That rocks! Love it. Did he want a copy of that usb key?

  2. Michael Says:

    at least he was already using some version of linux instead of some other OS *cough*

  3. Mike McGrath Says:

    No kidding, I was in a coffee shop the other day and this guy was like “Ugh, I’m running Fedora and everything just works” So I popped out a AIX Live USB key and a Plan 9 Live CD and said “here try these out” He popped them in, AIX didn’t boot and wireless didn’t work in Plan 9. I went on my way knowing I’d sold him on the pumpkin spice.

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