superduper big apple weirdness

December 26, 2007

I spent the weekend in NYC touring around with the girl and saying hi to her folks for the holiday. All well and good. However, weirdness struck heavily. We were going out to get some brunch/lunch. We walked down to this first place and found it was far too full and the menu didn’t look that great anyway. So, we walked on a little further and saw a place with a menu we liked. We go inside to ask what the wait was going to be, I open the door and coming out the door at the same time is Menno Smits. I say umm “Menno?”. To which he answers: “Seth?!”. Now, Menno has worked on yum, he’s contributed to all sorts of things that  people use, in addition he’s a great guy to hang out with. Having said the last time I saw him we were in dunedin, nz at lca 2006. Now, Menno is australian/dutch and currently lives in London. So, why was he happening to be in NYC coming out of the same restaurant I was going into? Well, he was off work for the holidays and he flew over to spend some time with his significant other’s friend whom happens to live in new york. The restaurant we decided to go into was the friend’s favorite.

So, we said hi, both baffled to see the other, exchanged holiday greetings and back to our normally scheduled routes. It was great to see him, as odd as it was. 🙂 Maybe next time I see him we’ll be somewhere in south america.

4 Responses to “superduper big apple weirdness”

  1. Well North Carolina is ‘South’ America :). Though I doubt that is what you mean. Hope you are having a good time in NYC and all is well.

  2. Menno Smits Says:

    Yes, that’s exactly how it happened. Very strange, what were the odds?

    It was great to see you guys. Hope you’re having a fantastic Christmas season.

  3. Hungry Hippo Says:

    So, at which restaurant was this astral convergence? Inquiring and salivating New Yorkers want to know!

  4. skvidal Says:

    Good enough to eat:

    Excellent food – somewhat similar to durham’s very own Elmo’s Diner.

    Sit at the bar.

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