My personal domain was disabled sunday with no other notice due to a terms of service violation. When I contacted them I was told copyrighted materials were found on my site. I asked where, thinking the site had been cracked b/c I don’t host anything on there at all. It’s just mail redirectors and a couple of imap accounts. I had performed a backup of my music directory. This is encoding to ogg that I had made of my music collections. It was available in a directory only to me and not available via the web at all. In order to access this directory a person would need to compromise my ssh key for the account and login. They were inspecting data on their servers, found the oggs, determined they were a copyright violation and suspended my account.

When I said I don’t understand what the copyright violation was, I made a backup of my files, I wasn’t distributing anything. They said that violating their terms of service was a copyright violation. Now, I’ve read their terms of service and that makes no sense whatsoever. I spoke with someone named ‘craig’. I have multiple backups of these files so I removed this backup and moved along.

However, it is not possible, according to bluehost for me to store legally purchased copies of any content on their site as a backup. Not even if the data is inaccessible to anyone other than the licensee.

I’ll be terminating my contract with them soon. I encourage everyone else to do the same.