2 days left and 2007 is showing just how much it can suck

December 31, 2007

Let’s talk about Dec 30th a little bit:

1. wake up with a stomach ache

2. have the stomach ache turn into rather pronounced diarrhea.

3. find out that your hosting provider has suspended your domain for a rather spurious reason

4. drive 2.5 hours

5. get home to find the sink in your bathroom mounted a good half foot above where it should be.

6. also find your water not on due to the plumber working on the hot water heater.

7. get hot water heater working and water turned back on and attempt a normal evening

8. get up to go to the bathroom: drop phone in toilet

9. rescue phone, go to wash it and your hands in the kitchen sink b/c the bathroom sink is not yet hooked up.

10. Notice through the kitchen window that the new plumbing for the hot water heater has sprung a leak and is spraying newly sheetrocked walls with a fountain of water.

11. Turn off water, go to call the plumber and notice you have no way to do this b/c your cellphone has been drenched in water.

12. IM your mom and get her to call the plumber to tell him about what’s going on.

13. Go to bed and consider crying for quite some time.

Just so we’re clear, 2007 can kiss my arse.


4 Responses to “2 days left and 2007 is showing just how much it can suck”

  1. thruhike98 Says:

    Oh man. I’d just call 2007 done and start with a new year if I were you.
    Sorry to hear about your string of bad luck. I hope things improve quickly!

  2. Austin Says:

    That does suck; hard.

    FYI, it’s a water heater, not a hot water heater. If the water was already hot, it wouldn’t need to be heated. 😉

  3. HOLY CRAP! Dude, sorry to hear this happened. Hopefully 2008 starts out better.

  4. Wow.. I have to say.. that is definitely a way to ring out the new year..

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