world population growth as measured in ‘durhams’.

January 2, 2008

Curious statistic:

The world grows in net population about 1 durham every day. That means that we add, in population, a city the size of durham, each day.

Durham’s population is roughly what is listed here:

The world population growth, net, is listed here:

For those of you about durham. It’s where I happen to live. It’s hard to conceive of the world adding a durham every day.

Maybe we should work hard at creating better contraceptives and encouraging their use.


9 Responses to “world population growth as measured in ‘durhams’.”

  1. Pieter Says:

    Curious indeed. The size is quite similar to The Hague in the Netherlands[1]. Strange idea when you know the city and then relate it to daily world population growth. OT: about the last sentence. Shouldn’t it be “their use” instead of “there use”?


  2. Scott Baker Says:

    It’s interesting to see that the industrialized nation has a much lower population increase per day that the non-industrialized nations.

  3. skvidal Says:

    Pieter, thank you, yes, I meant ‘their’. I was not paying attention to my homophones very well.

    Scott, which industrialized nations? The top 3 countries on the list are industrialized and they’re the top 3. 🙂
    China, india, u.s.

  4. Contraceptives etc are only part of the answer.. giving people the ability to better themselves seems to have a strong tendency to lower birth rates. The largest sections having children in China, India, the US, and other nations are those who don’t feel they are going to be better off or in areas where having large children is needed because you can’t hire people but you can birth them.

  5. Fritz Says:

    Population control is the elephant in the room for managing our natural resources. To limit global warming, oil use, pollution, habitat destruction, sprawl and all the rest, the number one thing we can do is stop having babies, but this is a very touchy topic across the entire political spectrum left to right for a number of reasons.

    A higher standard of living can encourage lower birth rates, but it also results in much more environmental damage per person.

  6. thruhike98 Says:

    Man. This is impressive. Scarily impressive. Living in an area where the highway usually looks like a stadium parking lot after a football game ends, I think often, “When does this max out?”

    R.e. Scott’s comment… while the top three ranked by population or births are industrialized – looking at _rates_ of growth it’s Liberia (4.84%), United Arab Emirates (4.00%), Mayotte (3.62%), Burundi (3.59%), Uganda (3.57%), Kuwait (3.56%)…

    What they lack in shear numbers, they make up for in initiative. 😉

  7. […] Inspired by a post by Seth Vidal about the number of Durham, NC’s born per day. […]

  8. skvidal Says:

    thruhike98: true – the rate of growth is higher, but the total growth population is smaller.

    if I had a population of 2 and had one child that’d be a 50% growth rate. Still only 3 people, though/.

    large numbers + large growth rate == disaster. :-/

  9. Fritz Says:

    If you and your partner have one child, that’s a population *drop* of 50% over time. Actually it’s greater than a 50% drop because there’s mortality in childhood, also.

    When your neighbors can’t fit their four kids into their 2 bedroom apartment and send two of them to your place, that’s a population increase for you and relieves the population increase at their place. Your “neighbors” would be a country like Zimbabwe, which on paper has a 0.6% growth rate, but that comes about because an estimated 3 million Zimbabwe’s have fled the country over the past seven years — this emigration reduces the population growth rate by 3% to 4%.

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