fudcon 08

January 9, 2008

Friday morning I’ll be in or around a whiteboard at the state club trying to get the hackfests organized into places for the morning hack sessions. Provided our washing machine works I will be wearing something vaguely fedora-y. If not, ask anyone where Seth is and chances are good someone will point me out.

Hackfests I care about:

– yum/preupgrade/createrepo

– func

– pulp

I may also have a talk to cover how to use the yum module api to write utils, depending on what I get done tonight or not. 🙂


3 Responses to “fudcon 08”

  1. Pieter Says:

    Hi Seth. I can’t be there so I really hope that any presentations/recordings about pulp, cobbler, yum and createrepo will be made available, pretty please. Pulp sure looks interesting. Is pulp the open source incarnation of the RH Satellite Server? Iirc I read a while back that it would be Open Sourced. I checked out the pulp website but am unclear if it supports “licensed client registrations” similar to up2date –register with a key. Basically if it can be used to commercially provide channels to customer’s servers that have registered with a proper key. Any idea?

  2. I won’t be able to make it either.. looks like I will be up to my neck in server upgrades this weekend before school year starts.

    Oh to Pieter, the only article on open-sourcing RHN was a rumour. Red Hat has never said that it would do so.. what started the rumour was that parts of the code were recreated in the form of Smolt, Cobbler, Yum, etc and some website ran with it.

  3. Pieter,

    Pulp is basically taking some of those ideas and making something for Fedora space, but it’s not going to be Satellite per se. It grew out of a need to come up with something to manage middleware, but the piece we will be concentrating on will have nothing to do with the middleware stuff. We want something useful for Fedora, CentOS, and so forth… anything that does yum.
    We’re thinking about using Func for communication where needed, if needed… so “registration” can take place that way and is pretty darn simple. We do need that so you can install packages remotely. As for “restricted” content, say a university has a commercial package (like a math program?) they don’t want everyone to be able to install… yes, we need to be thinking about that, but it is not a priority. Join the list/channel if you’re interested!


    Yeah, it turns out, pretty much all system management apps kind of do the same thing from (dare I say it) 10,000 feet. Cobbler only borrowed one feature idea from Satellite … the –replace-self option. PXE, Virt, and everything else is pretty much new. Satellite does have some virt features now, however, though Cobbler has quite a few more.

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