yum on the XO

January 18, 2008

I’ve heard twice in 24 hours about the issue that the system-wide update on the OLPC blows away user-installed pkgs. Which is a big mound of suck for people who want to use these systems. I thought I might pass on a suggestion for folks who have them. The ‘yum shell‘ command can save you some pain.

All you have to do is make a file like this:

install joe

install gedit

install bzr

install yum-utils


Then you just run the file like this:

yum -y shell /path/to/that/file

it will automatically do what you specified in the file. Also if you set the keepcache option in yum.conf to 1 then your caches will be held onto in /var/cache/yum so you won’t have to download those files again.

Handy, huh? There are a lot more like that. Ping at me if you want some hints.


3 Responses to “yum on the XO”

  1. thruhike98 Says:

    Very cool. I could use this for a quick “custom install” after a new installation. That would knock out all those little add-ons (numlox, mail notification, postr, etc) at once. Thanks for the tip.

  2. red Says:

    For the same purpose as thruhike98 is speaking of I miss a tool that is a bit more comfortable.

    1) run tool on an old well-customized (meaning installed/removed packages) installation.
    2) run tool with the output of step one on a fresh standard (or rather minimal) installation and get the same customizations done.

    this should work even if there’s a fedora version change between the steps – therefore ignoring the version of the packages. and id shouldn’t get us into dependency hell when new dependencies are added to the newer version of a package.

    use cases:
    – clone a system (e.g. I want to install the same on my work pc as on my private one).
    – reinstalling fedora
    – changing the fedora version and the need to do a fresh install at the same time (might also mean changing from rawhide back to stable)
    – probably more exist

  3. Martin Dengler Says:

    Someone’s listening: http://dev.laptop.org/ticket/6432 .

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