can’t…. move… arms…

February 11, 2008

My dad came down on friday to help Eunice and I paint and work on various aspects of the house. This was both productive and excruciatingly tiring. I spent the weekend painting or sanding or sawing various components of the house. However, as photographic evidence will show, tomorrow, the house looks much better. Gone are the beige with white trim walls. Added are the green and blue and tangerine, and citroen cocktail. Much better in a lot of ways and if not better just not boring. 🙂

Many thanks to my dad for throwing away his weekend to work on this with us.

Pictures when the day-star returns.


2 Responses to “can’t…. move… arms…”

  1. wade vidal Says:

    help I’ve painted and I can’t get up. pater

  2. I look forward to seeing your citroen walls on Flickr… My favorite colour was the house I had in Chapel Hill that all the bathrooms were done in Pepto-bismal pink. It was an odd soothing feeling… in a strange way.

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