In the afternoon on friday I spent some time playing with the autocurate tools from the Creative Commons tools. The Autocurate tool downloads the most recent ‘interesting’ pictures with creative commons licenses from flickr. It took a little bit of work to get it working but it got there.

Then this evening I started playing with the gnome-background rotation xml format.

I made a very very very simple python program to generate the xml file for rotating the images. You just run the program with its output to any xml file then you drag the xml file into the gnome-background changer window.

What I’m working on, now is a way to merge those two items a bit more and make it somewhat more seamless. So there are things I have questions about that maybe the LazyWeb knows more about:

1. is it possible to have the gnome-background-changer run a program to determine the image it should be displaying?

2. if not what is the best way to have a program run, per user, from time to time?

3. Has someone else already done this in a more trivial way?

4. Is the xml format for the image/rotation/transition documented anywhere other than the code?