bug day success

March 14, 2008

James, Tim, James, Paul, Florian, Jeremy, Jeff and I killed lots of bugs today. We went from 91 open yum bugs to 45 bugs left open. And I believe every open bug got commented on and updated if it couldn’t be solved and closed. That’s pretty rocking. yum-utils went from 36 open bugs to 13. Also pretty great. We checked in an enormous number of patches from various people and patches we put together to fix things here and there.

Bug day was full of productivity and that’s very good.

Toward the end of the day James A. hit me in the head with a not-so-obvious bug but 2 hours later we found it, squashed it and even corrected the test case. Victory is best served warm with a layer of Vietnamese food around it and maybe a bubble tea.

I think we might try to have bug days a bit more regularly for yum and maybe I’ll see about organizing some other events.


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