yum results

March 20, 2008

A lot of work has been done on yum in the past few months. A whole lot. We’ve kept api compliance to yum 3.0.X (yay). But a lot of speed ups have gone in. I was getting ready to upgrade my laptop to rawhide and I decided to do a few tests.

I cleared out my cache and then I run yum makecache so everything was waiting for me and I wouldn’t get weird results due to network issues. I ran this command on both yum 3.2.8 (the current released version in fedora 7 and fedora 8 ) and on 3.2.13 which just came out today:

time echo ‘n’ | sudo ./yummain.py –disablerepo=’*’ \

–enablerepo=’development’ \

–enablerepo=’livna-development’ \


I’m echoing ‘n’ so the transaction doesn’t run. I just want it to setup, depsolve and exit, so I can measure memory use and time.

Yum 3.2.8: start->end of the above takes 2m11s. Max mem consumed 144MB. This is on my 1.2ghz (speed stepped to 800mhz) i686 laptop

Yum 3.2.13: takes 56s. Max mem consumed 106MB.

Same results in both cases but more than double the speed and 2/3rd the memory.

The actual dep-solve time in 3.2.13 is 28s. We didn’t have this information outputted separately for yum 3.2.8, so, I don’t have that number.

Some pretty good improvements, though.

Thanks to Florian Festi, James Antill and Tim Lauridisen for a lot of the good results we’ve gotten out of yum.


4 Responses to “yum results”

  1. Kulbir Saini Says:

    Congratulations and good luck πŸ™‚

  2. Rahul Sundaram Says:

    Good job, yum team. Has there been any comparisons with apt-rpm on performance/memory usage?

  3. timlau Says:

    s/Lauridisen/Lauridsen/ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  4. thruhike98 Says:

    Yes, these numbers are consistent with my empirical data as well.

    B.t.w., what’s a “terminal prompt”? πŸ˜‰

    Seriously, I’m looking forward to checking out the new yum setup. Good stuff! Thanks!

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