April 7, 2008

My dog had an anal sac rupture on thursday so the major theme this weekend was “watch dog sleep, clean dog, give dog pills, annoy dog with sprays and wipes”. However, I did lay out our new raised beds in the front yard. I also abused one of the serverbeach boxes into coming back up only to promptly fall back over :(. However, I was granted a reprieve from the non-stop dog-watching fest by the girl. She said it was okay for me to take off and go see Vienna Teng in Raleigh last night. So, I did.

The show was in a little bar in Raleigh. I was surprised I didn’t get lost trying to find it. The bar was very much a bar. It was the rough shape of a tunnel and had about the same acoustics However, the folks who ran the place were clearly very respectful of the performers and the audience. It was quiet, not-quite-smoke-free but close.

The show included Alex Wong another musician she’s played with before and with whome she is currently working on a new album. They were quite amusing with banter going back and forth.

All in all a pretty good show, I’m glad I got to hear her in concert, finally.


One Response to “weekend”

  1. timlau Says:

    Sorry for the dog, hope she is getting better.

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