May 9, 2008

taking a look at tim’s blog. I took the survey. My greenindex comes out to be 66.


7 Responses to “greenindex”

  1. I scored at 63. I would have thought mine would have been much lower than yours because I know you do much better at this than we do but hey maybe I’m not as bad as I thought.

  2. I score 55%.. my worst offender is that most of my fresh fruit and vegetables are imported. Then I tried to drive my numbers as low as I could (bought a lot of TV’s, a couple more refrigerators, added in a couple of SUV’s) but I only got it down to 30. Moving myself to just eating imported food and meat every meal only drove me down to 25%.

    I need to do more to destroy the environment! Any ideas? They don’t have a button for pave the earth.

  3. Máirín Says:

    I got a 60 and I’m not sure why. I think it was assuming I have things that I do not have because there was no button to say I don’t have them, just that i don’t intend to purchase energy saving versions of them.

  4. quaid Says:

    Definitely a few holes in how that is put together. I was concerned that e.g. not having nor intending to purchase an Energy Star television was good or bad. We just so rarely watch TV, why worry about purchasing a more energy efficient model? Because a question like that can go both ways, it’s hard to guess.

    As it happens, I got a 74. I didn’t see any one thing that should have pushed it that much higher. I’m surprised about someone like Seth, whose vegetarian-bicycling-localvore lifestyle should have topped me out. It could be that, having more people in fewer rooms, no AC, one car we drive fewer than 3000 miles a year, all of that just adds up.

    For some stuff, it just seemed to be a best-effort choice. Take the green power question. I said yes, which is not strictly true. We are a green power generator ourselves, with solar on the roof, and our grid tied system means we are putting green energy into the power supply. But when we draw electricity from the grid at night, we are not specifically drawing green power. Oddly enough, if we were not on the grid at all, I wouldn’t quite know what to answer for that question.

    There are other things, such as water reduction (graywater systems, for example) that weren’t touched upon. Perhaps they are more of a regional impact (local drought conditions) and don’t have as much of a global impact. Here on the California coast, we are always in danger of drought, so water conservation is pushed regionally.

    Finally, the biggest thing that bugs me about all this kind of thing is how hugely lossy such a calculation is. Where you live, if you have a home of new materials v. an old one, driving a fuel inefficient car that is old rather than a heavily plastic hybrid that is new, all of those variations.

    Still, if we did nothing but recycle cars into bicycles/tricycles for everyone, we would have a much, much nicer planet all around.

  5. I got a 42. We’re killing the Earth.

    Thank you for raising my consciousness. I am never going into the Red Hat offices ever again.

  6. Петър Says:

    I have got 71, maybe because I don’t own a car and I eat locally all the time, but this is popular lifestyle over here (Easter Europe) and I live in a moderately small city (400000 residents) with very good public transportation. While on it I think there is ways to improve (for example I do not have thus additional insulation and windowing systems, nor heating/airoconditioning – something probbaly considered low lifestyle in North America, but the climate here on the coast is very mild – we need heating in just 1 or 2 months in the year and airconditioning for 1 month tops in the summer) so it is pretty much to be low carbon print over here. A friend of mine won the green card lottery and his first comment on the US was:
    Here everything is way too far!
    Which implies cars….

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