Overheard in a bar

May 12, 2008

Customer: Do you have PBR?

Bartender: No, but if you’d like I can piss in a glass of water and sell you that for $4.

weekend update

May 12, 2008

Drove to my parents’ house on friday. Reassembled bikes (a beater for the little brother(logan) for college next year and my bike). Went out to dinner. Came home, worked on logan’s road bike to fix the brake and marvel at the oddness of the downtube cable routing (apparently there is a method to the madness but it sure seems hooky to me). Loaded bikes in car. Crashed.

Got up at a ridiculous time of the day, showered, got in car, drove to dorey park.

Checked in for 50 miles of the cap-to-cap ride – from Richmond to Jamestown. It’s a full century from richmond to jamestown and back, but I only rode half of it. Rode the first 25 w/o any problems at all. Comfortable, wet outside but not slick and not actively raining. Parted ways with my brother so he could do the next 75 and I could do the return 25. Started really feeling it at about mile 42 or so. Finished out the rest of the 50, had some oranges that tasted much better than they should have back where we started from. It was a lot of fun and it was also funny to me seeing some of the bikes. I was the only one there that I saw with fenders. The fenders were great considering how wet things were. They kept a lot of mud/water off of my legs.

Came home. Crashed into a nap. Had some dinner, stretched a bit, but generally felt really good.

The disk on my laptop half-way crashed. I was able to get around the problem using  a bit of sneakiness which may or may not end up lasting. I need to start thinking about a replacement for it sooner than later, I think. I’m debating one of the dell outlet 420 or 430 latitudes at this point. Worried that the keyboard will drive me nutty, though.

Got up on sunday, showed Logan a few things about maintaining his bike and we cleaned his gears/chain and cleaned up his bike in general.

Dinner at my grandparent’s house for mother’s day full of good things: Kale, butterbeans, sweet potatoes, yeast rolls,  potato salad, deviled eggs. A very nice meal.

That was the long and short of my weekend.